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Our Purpose

Founded in 2016, Black Witch University was created in an effort to mentor student witches of the Black diaspora into being comfortable with reclaiming their magical capabilities. Students will explore various aspects of the occult, mysticism, and healing practices via lessons crafted by initiated Black diasporic priestesses and witches. This will form the foundations of what students will need to continue crafting as a solitary practicing Black diasporic witch who will create their own practice or work jointly in a coven or occult group. 


Our Goal

To reclaim and reappropriate physical and metaphysical magical space and practices for Black diasporic beings. This will be done by:

  1. Creating an intentional and inclusive space for learning, which is free of homophobia, genderphobia, colorism, ageism, classism and all other -isms that seek to oppress our people and hinder magical exploration.

  2. When and where we can, provide access to educational material at a low or no cost to the student.

  3. Remaining open to new information provided by our students and community as they hold us accountable for evolving and growing.


The program is one year in length. Classes are broken down into quarters.


Students will receive their Reiki Level 1 and 2 practitioner attunements, and upon program completion, they will receive certification as trained magical practitioners.

In addition to the retreats, we will have four quarters of education led by a Black Witch University Instructors. Every week, you will receive virtual classroom instruction addressing the following topics:


1st Quarter – Crafting the Magical Garden and Honoring Earth Deities - Lakeesha J. Harris

2nd Quarter – Divination, Mysticism, and Mastery - Lorena Elizabeth

3rd Quarter – Hoodoo, Rootwork & Herbs: Conjuring In The Black Witch’s Kitchen - Toni Maurice-Milburn

4th Quarter – Magical Business and Ethics with All Instructors

You will also have access to an individual Instructor as your personal mentor throughout the year.

Have more questions?

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